About Us

Equipment installation

  • Hardware
  • Software

Staff training

  • Referees
  • Scorers
  • Registration staff
  • Administrators

Online support

  • Multi language support
  • Telephone operator online 24/7
  • Professional support for SET administrators
  • Communication via email


  • Competitors
  • Identification of documents
  • Verification of other parameters


  • Records, licenses, statistics and ranking
  • Results
  • Certificats and diplomas
  • Payment system
  • Seminars


  • Live stream
  • Production of promo films


A professional team that supports technological orientations of opportunities and possibilities. Projects that support globalization and the integration of athletes and different groups are a challenge, a task, and a commitment for us. We are part of the Sportdata Group, an organization that takes care of the comprehensive implementation of the event or project. We specialize in activities related to social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, as well as direct communication with customers. Project planning, management, and education are our focus. We have been working with our partner and the founder of the Sportdata organization Roland Braitender since 2000.

The team consists of experts and masters from various industries. Regardless of demographic diversity, we are united in the E-office.world team together with the experts of the sportdata.org team. Despite the dispersion and remoteness, we want to preserve and increase the values ​​of ethical principles. We want a positive outlook on life, physical activity, respectful communication, and a desire to help the virtues that resonate in our team and projects… You are important to us as a whole and we look forward to your praise as also advice on how to make our office friendly to every user. The call applies to all federations, individuals, associations, and companies. If you have an idea, project, or want us to create it for you, we will be happy to receive your invitation. Do not hesitate and join our e-tournament federation.

The E tournament federation is a “group” that accepts clubs from all over the world. It implements e-tournaments for them and assists them in the implementation and realization. Be part of a team and secure a place on the development team. With its knowledge, the group contributes to the development and guidelines for better e-competitions.